Ecotravio company is established in 2013 specialized in gathering and processing vegetables, fruits and wild mushrooms.
Our main activity is the dehydration of vegetables, fruits and mushrooms, by sun and in professional ovens. In these ways we manage to keep the flavor, taste and nutritious properties of the products for a longer time.

Our Products Are 100% Natural

The wild mushrooms are gathered from the Romania’s spontaneous flora The necessary of vegetables and fruits is from local producers and our own production.

We created a range of 100% natural products, healthy and easy to cook, without dyes and added preservatives.


Nowadays, the quality has no boundaries, our products are merchandise since 2014 in West Europe. Starting this year, due to the high interest for natural products, we started selling our products also in Romania. Due to the increased demand for our products we are now in full process of expansion . We are building a new production hall and upgrading our equipment.