Maldon Salt 1.4 kg


Ingredients: maldon salt flakes

Net Weight: 1,4 Kg.

100% natural product, without sintetic flavors, preservatives or dyes. No salt added.


Maldon Salt 1,4 Kg.

Ingredients: maldon salt flakes
Net Weight: 1,4 Kg.
Country of origin: England
Keep in a cool and dry place.

Maldon salt is a sea salt used as a spice especially in gourmet kitchens.

t is obtained from the municipality of Maldon, the Essex region of England along the Black-water River. The water that seeps from the middle of this river originates from the formation of Maldon salt.

The whole production process is carried out in the traditional and artisan form for over 200 years. The seawater is filtered to remove impurities and then heated for 16 hours until the salt begins to crystallize in the form of white crystals, thin, of pyramidal type with a crunchy texture. Moderate consumption is recommended, as it is a salt of superior purity.

It is used by most professional chefs but also by the domestic consumers who appreciate a high quality product. Maldon salt is ideal to spice beef, fish, foie gras or grill vegetables.

Ecotravio recomanda aplicarea in momentul servirii.

100% natural product, without preservatives, without artificial colors or flavors.

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