Maldon Salt is produced in nature, the role of man is only in extracting it from its natural environment.

Seawater is filtered and boiled, actions that remove impurities. Then the water warms up until the salt crystallizes. If it sounds easy, you need to know that there is a special technique in terms of temperature and procedure by which Maldon salt crystallizes in perfect white flakes.


Sea salt flakes Maldon

Loved by chefs from around the world

You do not accept any substitute for Maldon salt, because nothing else is the same. Maldon salt flakes are loved by chefs and buyers from all over the world. The delicate texture of sea salt crystals and the flavor they give to food is what makes the difference. Get rid of the bitter taste that normal salt can give you instead enjoy the freshness that improves the aroma of all food.

Available in Pack of 125 g, 250 g and 1.5 kg.

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Maldon Smoked sea salt flakes

Spicy with smoky flavor

For those of you who want more than to kiss the food, we present to you the smoked Maldon salt.

The traditional cold smoking procedure of Maldon Salt adds a sophisticated and subtle taste to salt, guaranteeing an extra flavor to fish, red meat or poultry meat. You can use it in sauces, salsa, soups and marinated times in any other culinary product you think about.

Available in 125g package

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Pepper Maldon Berry

Aromatic taste of the Far East

Maldon black pepper beans are carefully harvested in a perfect climate to provide a strong and highlighted taste for your preparations.

We choose them as a reliable partner for our Maldon sea salt flakes. Add an extraordinary flavor to any type of food.

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